Monday, March 9, 2009

Wii Fit

Finally got the Wii Fit hooked up. What a riot... especially when you're sitting on the couch watching someone else flailing around looking absolutely hilarious!!!

I am certain that I looked just as bizarre..... it's all about balance and shifting the weight of your body appropriately (all the while keeping your feet planted on the stepper) but your brain makes you wave your arms and hips around. The hula hoop and soccer exercises were especially fun for that!

It's a great game that I would recommend for older children and adults. For more details click HERE!

It's a fun way to get off your couch potato butt!!!!


leslie said...

I have a client who bought Wii Fit for her sister and she LOVES it so much that my client bought one for herself. It really does look like fun!

Real Live Lesbian said...

My love bought me one about two weeks ago. I am absolutely addicted!