Monday, March 16, 2009

Shes' gonna be 18 on the 18th!!!

Satch has been with us since she was a kitten. She was the runt of the litter. She never got much bigger than her present 5 pound frame. She had those picky little toenails that she used freely to climb up your pant leg and then up your back to perch herself on your shoulder. She would attack your toes as they moved under the covers when you were sleeping. She liked getting into trouble!

We had no idea what a "fixture" she would become. My extended family lovingly refers to her as "Cujo". Never fond of people.... she quickly developed the ability to use her claws and teeth on strangers, and loved ones alike. Most cats that are nervous or afraid, turn around and hide.... not our Satch... she attacks!! I love the comments "Cats are really good with me", or "Cats never bite me". These comments come after our "Customary Warning" to stay clear of kitty. People just don't listen! That's why I have plenty of antiseptic and band aids on hand!

When she was 6 weeks old she became a part of the family. She has terrorized our dogs, broken free and run away from home, knocked over countless fragile items, managed to scratch up couches, leather chairs, and many people, myself included. We love her all the same.

In her old age........ her hearing is impaired and she has a tumor that has disfigured her nose and will continue to grow until.... well you get the idea. Even with all of this she's still got a great quality of life! She purrs even though the "motor" is now quite low, she uses her litter box all the time (thank goodness!), she eats hard food, drinks her water, plays with the dogs toys, and has managed to maintain her "piss and vinegar" attitude towards outsiders! She's certainly one of a kind!

She has defied the odds and we hope she will continue to do so!! Happy Birthday Miss Satch, you have enriched our lives more than you can ever know!!! xoxo

Here she is licking her chops after attacking her last victim!!
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