Saturday, March 28, 2009

Back home safely from Vegas!!

Here we are at a new bar called Minus 5. Just like the name suggests, it's really cold and everything is made out of ice. $20 gets you into the bar and buys you one drink. You are supplied with boots and gloves and coats and you get a brief tutorial on how to hold your glass (made of ice and can be slippery.... don't want it to shatter on the floor!!). The ice sofas are covered in fur so that you don't freeze your butt off!!! They are still very cold.

This was my favorite memory of the trip! Only in Vegas is it acceptable to start drinking at 10:30am!

We found some comical books at one shop. Here is Jodie showing us how to use this one!!! lol

I am home only briefly... tomorrow I will be leaving on a four day adventure with Andrew..... destination unknown.

Thanks to everyone for their comments while I was in Vegas! We had a great time and are going to plan our next "Sisters trip" very soon.


p.s. I didn't manage to get any workouts in. We did however walk for at least 6 hours each day and our legs got sore.... I suppose that is good enough!


Anonymous said...

SOOOO Much Fun! Who wouldn't want to be drunk at 10:30 am? haha!
What a blast!
Love Jo

Anonymous said...

ps. schmeep schmeep!!!