Friday, February 13, 2009

Two Toms review

The Powder … for your feet
BlisterShield creates an almost frictionless surface, reducing heat build-up and blister formation. Additionally, the powder does not absorb moisture, rather repels it, keeping the skin relatively dry; similar to clothing made of "high-tech" synthetic fibers that wick water away from your skin, rather than absorbing moisture like cotton.

How To Apply

For best results, wash and thoroughly dry your feet, before applying. Wiping alcohol between toes after drying also helps reduce wetness.

Pour one level teaspoonful of BlisterShield into each sock. Shake the socks to spread BlisterShield uniformly. For added protection apply additional BlisterShield behind your heel after the sock is on.

I will say that the product does not collect moisture which is good 'cause there is nothing worse than wet powder.... all clumpy and gross. However, by the end of my 18.6 mile run the usual blisters were there. Note: I tried out the Two Toms in conjunction with my Injinji socks hoping for added protection.

I found it very hard to wash all of the product off.... I found that it really clung to the nail beds. This product is also messy.... I walked around after my run with just my socks on and left a powder trail all over the hardwood and carpets :(

Two Toms was quite expensive so I am going to continue to try it out (once I am recovered and running again).

I am still on a search for the perfect anti blister product!


Derek said...

I agree with your review 100% so I am still out there looking for some great blister prevention. I just ordered the book "Fixing your Feet" from Amazon, and it should be here tonight. I guess that taping my feet before really long runs may be the answer, even though I would like to find something as easy as a powder!!

Anonymous said...

seeing as though I live in trainers, blisters are a distant memory for me! Hope you find that magic cream, they all seem to promise wonders but deliver nothing.

Stacey said...

I hope there is a an answer for our blister problems!!!! I imagine that if we stopped running we'd be blister free!!!! lol