Friday, February 13, 2009

Columbia Outlet Sale on Now!!

Let me go on and on about the fab deals that I received! Each of the coats were $24.95 ( down filled blue one and green one)... the running jacket was a whopping $14.95 (shown here in 2 pics as it's reversible: brown and "won't wear the ugly patterned side")..... and let's not forget the shoes @ $34.95 ( a bit pricier, but they are like walking on a memory foam carpet!!!).

You can't beat these deals!!!!

Oh yes, there is another positive side that went along with the sale. I have managed to donate 2 coats and 2 pairs of shoes along with 2 garbage bags of clothing. I am trying to go with the "One In"- "One Out" rule.... trying is the operative word.

It's really hard to adhere to the "One Out" part!!! lol


Anonymous said...

I LIKE the psycodelic(?) pattern - it is sooo 60s - great bargoons!!!! New Art?

Stacey said...

Yes, I thought that the wall was so bear there.... finally found something that I liked:)

You need me to pick you up a jacket?

Gailanne said...

Wow! Way to go with the bargains. You really know how to get a good deal :)

Stacey said...


I am a real cheapo with a spending habit! I try to find all the best deals!!! I was once told that if I didn't buy anything on sale for an entire year that I could save $10,000. I thought about it and realized that I could save a lot. Many, if not all, are based on the item being on sale. I would not purchase the item otherwise.

Maybe I will try a spending freeze? See if I can go a week without buying something that I don't need. It would be a starting point. I could work my way up from there!!!! :)