Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Monday and Tuesday

Here's Sadie helping me out with gathering the towels and linens for the laundry. Even Satch is curious about the avalanche that fell on Sadie (she's the black spot in the bottom left corner of the pic).

Monday I did the chest and back workout from the P90X collection. I followed that up with an hour bike ride.

Side note: P90X is now available at www.sears.ca for $120... mine cost over $160 (pull up bar included)!!!!

Today I had a long run (17 miles). I was so glad/ lucky to have had such great weather. It was very cold out but the sun peaked out occasionally and the wind was not blowing!!!!!! I actually managed to dress appropriately. I am usually overdressed (would rather be overdressed than under dressed)... it's really hard to gauge when the wind can change it's speed and direction at any given moment. Today I say " Yay weather gods!!!"

Greek rendition of the weather god.

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