Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year! .... and P90X summary.

It's always fun to ring in a new year! So go out and celebrate.... even if you're not Chinese :)

I have finished my 12 weeks of P90X! I must say there is a great feeling of accomplishment..... many people don't get past the first month.

Poor diet = no visible results!!!

I was on the ball when it came to tracking my progress. I have proof that I improved over the course of 12 weeks! I am stronger and have more flexibility than I did 90 days ago. I did not keep on track with the diet (the holidays killed me) and I am disappointed in myself for that. Next time I will be stronger!

I do not suggest committing to P90X when you're going to be training for something else. It's very time consuming and it takes it's toll on your body. The last thing I wanted to do after a 3 hour run was to be jumping up and down to the plyometrics dvd!

The program was fun and challenging. Tony Horton keeps you motivated and the instructions are pretty easy to follow.

So go out, get yourself a P90X program, and Bring it!!!!


Derek said...

Happy New Year, and I think I might need to try out the P90X as I just can't seem to loose weight even with all the running I'm doing.

Stuart said...

I have head nothing but good things about the program but I think it good advice about not combining it with other training

Congrats for notching up 12 weeks!

Stacey said...

I think that as runners we justify eating more not realizing that we're taking in many more calories than we're expending.

The P90X diet was very difficult for me to follow because of the lack of carbs allowed. My name is Stacey and I am a "carb-a-holic"!

When I followed the diet properly, I had to add an extra carb or two to keep from becoming hypoglycemic (that was allowed). It's only when I started adding several extra carbs that I started gaining weight!

Good luck with the weight loss Derek!

Stuart, Thanks for congrats!