Thursday, January 22, 2009


Are you feeling run down? Are you stuck in the same old routines? Are you experiencing the Winter Blues?

I propose a challenge!!! One that will get your creative mind juices flowing, and help you break out the routine that is your life.

My challenge is going to be called "A DAY IN THE LIFE...." . What I propose is that you document 12 hours of your life. I would like you to snap a photo every hour on the hour, to show what you are doing. This is probably best done on a day that you are off from work because I don't want to see 8 pics of your computer, office or fax machine. Unless maybe you're a stripper????!!!!!!! hee hee

Along with the photographs I would like brief explanations of what is going on in the photo. Where are you, the time, the date, what are you doing. Please don't give any information that you're not comfortable publishing... don't want to excite your stalkers! :)

My hope is that you really put some thought into what you're going to do that day. Do something you've never done before, or something that you've been meaning to do, be creative with your camera. At the very least it will allow you to be mindful of your actions.

If you have a blog I would ask that you post the "DAY IN THE LIFE......" article. Let me know about it so that I can direct readers to it. PLEASE feel free to post this challenge on your blogs as well! Just copy and past this!!! Easy, peasy!!

If you do not have a blog, don't worry, message me and we can make arrangements to get the pics and comments published right here!!!!

The Challenge will have a closing date of midnight February, 22, 2009..... to give all you procrastinators a deadline! It must be a new article, don't dig up an old race report or your old vacation photos. There will be prizes for the first article published and for the most creative article published. So the articles are welcome anytime now.

I hope that you're all up for the CHALLENGE!!!!!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!


Anonymous said...

And Stacey does GREAT prizes!! Sounds like fun and now that I have a new camera....

Gailanne said...

Oh my gosh!

This sounds really interesting :) Now I'm going to have to think of something exciting. Can there be more than one post? I'll even let my friends know (especially the bloggers that I follow... see my list and you will have an idea of who they are...)

Stacey said...


There can be as many posts as you like!! Please let all your friends and blogger buddies in on it. I think it's a fun challenge for all!!!!

Looking forward to your submission!!!