Friday, January 23, 2009

I stole Austin's MOJO!

I had a great 8 mile run today. It took me a couple of hours to get the energy to get out but, once I did it was shagadelic!

The temperature was about -5 celcius with the wind chill (warmer than it's been). I got my mojo straight away and kept it for most of the run! When I turned around at the 4 mile marker the wind was in my face and my nose started running.... I didn't even mind cause I was so in the groove!

I am fascinated with bodily functions.... where does the snot come from and how does it just pour out? The snot wasn't there for the first 4 miles. Then a little wind and some cold... BAM, the snot faucet is opened! I was quite cold on the way back and it took a good half an hour for my fingers to defrost to the point of functionality. Even through the hardship... I had the mojo. It's really great when you have a run like that! I wish all you runners out there a mojo filled run!!!

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