Saturday, December 27, 2008

4 x Hill

Well I woke up (by alarm) with my head feeling like it had been in a pressure cooker all night! I reluctantly got up only to find that my dog had diarrhea. As I am cleaning up the vile mess, the lovely dogs squats, and relieves herself of some more runny, smelly poo (it smelled like a skunk had sprayed)! I hate how diarrhea gets into the cracks of the hardwood floors : (

I get both messes cleaned up and make myself a tea. I feed Sadie (IBS pup) and she proceeds to throw up all over the kitchen floor... not just the food but a whole pile of yellow, gooey bile as well! I clean that up and start to drink my tea..... if I haven't mentioned it before I am not a morning person and this wouldn't have been pleasant on a good day. Couple it with this head cold that has started, and I wanted to just crawl back in bed.

I get a message that my running partner has cancelled because he is not feeling well. Yet another reason to go back to bed. I do muster up the energy and drive off to do my hill work in the crazy fog (picture above was taken 2 hours after my drive to the park). It's foggy but, warm!!! Almost 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Once I get going, I feel great! The trails are water logged piles of slush... my toes are soaked almost immediately!!! The paved path areas are sheets of ice so I slide across a few to get to the big hill. I find myself an alternative route up the hill as the main strip is ice covered (I forgot my stable- icers)..... by the fourth repeat I have created some real slick spots. The workout was pretty great... all things considered!

As I finished stretching and got into the car I realized how horrible I felt... went off to buy some NyQuil and lunch. That brings me to now. I have taken some NyQuil and will be heading off to bed for a few ZZZZZZZ's before starting P90X.

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leslie said...

Take care of yourself. I've always heard that you should rest if your symptoms are below the neck, so consider that maybe hill repeats is enough when you're sick, and do the P90X tomorrow if you're up for it.

I had the stomach flu last night, so today's 12 mile run ain't happening today. Maybe tomorrow...

Feel better!