Thursday, November 6, 2008

Tank tops and skorts.... farewell!!!

No more skorts and tanks this year... unless it's treadmill running. I had a great 5 mile run. I tried to savor every step, noting the gentle breeze and the blue sky and the chirping birds... I'm turning into Mary Friggen Poppins here!!!! Soon I will be running with the snow and ice cold wind that slashes at your face making your nose hairs stick together with every inhalation. Not to mention the frozen snot on your face... Yum!

Yes, it's the difficult runs that make us stronger and more seasoned.. it also makes for better blogging! If everything was all pink fairies and roses then life would just not be interesting!!!

p.s. I am going to ab ripper after dinner... I'm kinda hungry right now.
p.p.s. I have to find a piece of art for this wall... didn't realize how bare it is.

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