Thursday, October 2, 2008

17 days until the Detroit Freepress half Marathon

Detroit Press/Flagstar Marathon

I haven't run yet but have done a couple of bike rides on the trainer. My knees are sore (especially the right one)... it's really hard to tell if it's from running or my job. I am so excited to run on Saturday!!!!! I can't really blog about much else as I am in runner's limbo. If all goes well I would like to plan a 10-12 mile run before the race.

I have found a great new online store that specializes in women's athletic gear and clothing. It can be found at

AthletaIn order to research this store I had to make a purchase... strictly to see how they do business... wink, wink :) The company ships from the United States. I must say that the shipping rates were pretty good..... Under $7 for my purchase (less than $50 before tax and shipping) and they ship via Untied States Postal Service. I hope that they impress me.... they have some great sale items and I would like to shop there again. Will keep you posted!!!

Speaking of sales... Skirt Sports is having a promotion for the month of October. Each day one item is marked down by 50%.... I am hoping that the roller girl skort goes on sale so I can stock up.

SkirtSports Skirt Sports Running Skirts


Derek said...

Thanks for the golf ball technique as it felt good this evening after my run. Being a golfer I have plenty around the house.

Ultra Princess said...

You're welcome!

leslie said...

I love Athleta! Right now I'm coveting their long sleeve twist top (a cheaper alternative to tattoos, and far less painful!).

Ultra Princess said...

Glad to hear some good feedback about Athleta! I am eagerly awaiting my order!!