Thursday, September 25, 2008

Canadian Death Race...... really considering this for 2010!!

Canadian Death Race - Grande Cache, Alberta, Canada

What the Hell is the Canadian Death Race Anyway?

this race is a true wilderness classic

Ever heard of the sport of Extreme Racing? Well, up herein Grande Cache, Alberta, we have created an event so epic it is worthy of this Extreme title. Death Racing is something a few of us from up here have been doing for almost a decade, but we are now ready to share our extreme playground with you. You must truly have the curiosity of a cat, the constitution of an ox, and the spirit of adventure, although your friends and loved ones may have a completely different description of our mental health. Consider running for 125km over rough, mountain trails, through pristine forests shared with resident wildlife, over ragged, rocky, and sometimes wet or snow-covered, seemingly endless terrain. Sounds pretty tough? Well, add the fact that you are journeying over three different mountain summits and are gaining over 17,000 feet in elevation, crossing over a major river by raft, (At our spectacular Hell's Gates canyon at the confluence of the Smoky and Sulphur Rivers.) plus running part of this race in the dark and there you have it - the makings of our larger-than-life world-class event, the Canadian Death Race!

We further merge our adventure race with the dark Greek myth of Charon, the ferryman of the dead. The myth states that upon passing into the realm of the dead, spirit travelers would have to pay for passage across the river Styx into Haddes. The price was one gold coin per soul. Those not possessing the fare were condemned to wander the banks of the Styx for eternity. One very special coin will be given to each team and solo racer as they traverse from this world into the next. Relay racers must pass the coin from person to person, and summit to summit never losing sight of the fact that only when presented to the ferryman will you be provided safe passage across Hell’s Gates. And so it will be with you. Your journey will be fraught with hardship and suffering. Only the strongest among you will reign victorious. Good Luck. Train Hard. Go like Hell.


louissyfer said...

barring death I'll be doing this in 2011 or 2012, want to make sure I can finish as a solo runner.

best of luck!

found your blog looking for canadian death race community outside of facebook, if you know of one please drop me a line on my blog

louissyfer said...

opps my blog is

its a music blog of live and demos, no copy write infringements. it's tied to a different gmail account.