Saturday, March 15, 2008

Spur of the moment Vegas trip

Las Vegas Strip, Nevada..... my husband surprised me with a last minute trip to Las Vegas (Saturday until Tuesday).  Having been to Vegas on 2 other occasions I was really pumped!  I wanted to accomplish 2things on this trip... 1) purchase a huge Eiffel tower from the Paris casino (years ago when I was vacationing in the "real" Paris I purchased my sister an Eiffel tower and I really wanted one for myself) and 2) Party on freemont Street!
We arrived and the weather was beautiful got to our hotel.... blah, blah, blah......

Here are the highlights.....  got cheap tickets to see David Copperfield..... I got to go on stage (with 6 others) to help preform a disappearing illusion.  Let me tell you.... it was awesome!  The whole illusion happens so fast and you don't know what to expect and you're heart is racing.......  We climb up onto a platform and take seats..... a curtain is drawn around us..... we flash our flash lights (given as we were seated)...... then the curtain is removed and a flash of light appears (accompanied by a loud explosion) and we are gone!!!!!  Only to reappear moments later in the audience!!!!  Magic!!  Don't even bother asking how the illusion works because I'll never tell!  The group of us were then lead to a back room and briefed.... we got to meet David Copperfield and received an autographed photo!  What an awesome experience!
David Copperfield-PRN-015438.jpg

Went for a 4 hour run..... what a beautiful day!  I love running in Vegas in the morning.  there are lots of runners out.... I love the connection between runners.... total strangers, yet we understand each other.... we wave or nod or smile.  There is a connection like no other.... we understand the pain and the joy and the need to run.  What a great place to be running.... in the desert!  I could see the mountains... some capped with snow.....  I ran the strip and went to Freemont St. (didn't get back to party there and the Paris Casino did not sell large enough Eiffel towers... I suck! ) I snapped pictures along the way and soaked it all in.  I ran out to the airport and had to turn back because I couldn't cross the street. I ran the loop again and went back to the hotel.  I really got a chance to appreciate the dessert in a way that most people don't.  I also got a sunburn on my shoulders and chest!  Note to self:  When in Desert, wear sunscreen!

Got myself a "Yard"  (On the rocks with the upgrade of premium tequila and some cointreau... much stronger than those wimpy slushies) and we went to Emeril's for dinner... had the redfish... yummy... went to the Beatles "Love" show by Cirque De Soleil.  Did I mention that I love the Beatles?!  We had front row seats and I sang every song out loud while clapping my hands!!!!  Did I mention that I had consumed several margaritas?  What an awesome show!!!!!!  Loved it!

The next day we left for the airport and got ourselves checked in and scanned and all that crap!  We saw "Carrot Top" getting his shoes shined.  I tried not to stare but he doesn't look anything like his pictures... or anything like I remember.  He had on full stage makeup and his arms were bulging with muscles.... it all seemed odd (the makeup especially as it was only lunchtime) I remember him as a scrawny guy with big hair (at least the hair hasn't changed!).

Trip home was uneventful!  Had a great time!  My quads were very sore from running up all the stairs to get onto the overpasses!! 

The end:)

p.s.  I am now to be referred to as "Master illusionist Ultra Princess"  :)

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