Tuesday, March 4, 2008

20 mile run report

.... I was so excited and pumped to "only" run 20 miles today.  Isn't it crazy that 20 miles now seems like an easy run?????  I never would have thought it was possible. 

The weather was great..... 8 degrees (quite a bit of wind also)!  I wore tights and a long sleeve shirt and a vest.  I thought the vest might have been over kill but I needed another pocket:)  I didn't use my back pack... decided that I could get all of my water into my fuel belt.  Running felt great...... got to mile 4 and saw a man riding his bicycle.  He had on jeans and a blaze orange coat and toque.  I was watching his cadence.... thinking.... he's not going very fast.  A few minutes later I was almost behind him..... I was going to pass him..... sure enough, I did!  How hysterical was that???????? tee hee  I kept thinking that it's not possible for someone to go that slow without tipping over...... I think the wind was keeping him up:)  Five minutes later he passed me!  At one point I thought I was going to catch him again... but it didn't happen.  I followed him until he turned into a driveway and then I continued on. 

I had started to get a bit warm so I unzipped my vest and rolled up my sleeves.  Got to the turn around point with out incident.......  a few miles later the clouds rolled in, the temperature dropped and I feel some droplets of rain on my face:)  I was hoping to avoid the rain....... I should have started out earlier but, I was too lazy.  I was now very happy to have had the vest on...... It would have been a bit too chilly for my liking!

Most of the run I spent "in the zone"  which makes for (what feels like) a speedier run.  The rain was coming down like a gentle mist.  I was very happy to not have downpours!  I did forget to watch my footing and stepped into several large/ deep puddles of water.... instant "soakers"!  I could feel the water coming into the shoe and swirling around my toes and then just hanging out in the bottom of my shoe waiting for my socks to start absorbing:)  I knew the blisters would be coming..... I didn't have any clean Injini's and decided to wear just regular running socks.... next time (as gross as it sounds) I would rather put on a pair of smelly, dirty Injinji's than wear regular running socks. I really should keep up on my "sporting wear"  laundry! 

That brings up a topic for a later post.  Washing your running clothes...... keeping your fabric softener at bay all the while trying not to let a single sport sock into the regular load!!!  Those bloody socks are so elusive!!!

Ahem...... anyway the rest of the run was uneventful.... got home and stretched, had my recovery drink and a bite to eat,  and then did sit ups and weights.  Just in time to shower and start dinner!!  Quite a full day!

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