Wednesday, February 20, 2008

25 mile training run

A photo of my run route (this is outside the city centre)..... so you can look through my eyes!

I have to be honest.... I was really dreading this run after last week's fiasco. I had been checking the weather channel every couple of hours in hopes that a miracle would occur...... no such luck:( I got dressed (with an extra pair of gloves)... bra top, long sleeve, and a short sleeve on top. I decided to put the back pack on before my jacket so that I would not have the freezing water problem again. Must show that I can learn from my mistakes! I place my hip pack over the jacket and am ready to go (look like a hunchback....... but a hydrated hunchback:)).

The temperature is -10 degrees celcius (-20 with the wind chill) with winds gusting up to 38 km/ hr. 'Nuff said!

I start off.... it's cold..... I have a positive attitude.... my knee hurts..... I can feel the cold on my toes. After the 4 mile mark I realize that I am feeling pretty good and the legs don't hurt. Yippee!!!

I get out past the city centre (where the winds are always a blowin' off the water) and realize that the wind has changed direction and is at my back. The sun has also managed to come out!!!!! I actually get a tad warm and take off my face mask! I am loving' life! I actually have a couple miles pass that I don't remember running...... I am in the "Zone". I am invincible!!!! My nutrition is "spot on" at this point and I am feeling great!!!

I begin to think about my return route...... the wind will be in my face...... the sun is going to be hidden by the looming clouds..... must remember to enjoy the moment.... my legs are starting to feel thick and tired..... the shuffle is starting..... What?...... it can't be!!!!! Yes, it is.... Shuffle time!!

I get to my turn around point and start heading back. I decide to try a "Detour" protein bar. It is quite yummy! It's a tad frozen but edible none the less! My legs (mostly my right hamstring) are really tight.... I have started to wonder if it's a sciatic nerve problem.... Guess I would have to go to a doctor for that (and have him take a guess). Maybe I should visit my chiropractor?....... the wind is now blowing so hard that I feel like I am running in place.... this wind does not let up for at least 5 miles. UUUUUUUGH!

Anyhoo, I get a few more miles toward home when I double over with stomach cramping. I think I could s#!t my pants! I keep running, well, shuffling along, at a very slow pace and allow the cramping to run it's course. Just when my stomach starts to feel better my legs start cramping. I feel like all the muscles are going into contractures. I am forced to walk....... This is new territory for me....... I don't really like it. I stop and stretch out my legs and then continue to walk. The "Detour" bar could (and most likely did) have caused the stomach issues but, could it have caused the leg cramps? ..... another question for the doctor.

I can feel "hot spots" starting on the balls of my feet .... I can feel each stone underfoot... my toes are in a lot of pain.... I think it's time for new runners..... it's like running barefoot over rocks...... frozen, jagged rocks.

I eventually start to shuffle again. I get into town (and that means that I only have 4 miles to go) and feel a bit energized. Mostly because there are people around, and I have to try to run like a "normal" person. None of this sissy shuffling crap!!! Much easier said than done:) I knock off a few miles and decide to walk the last bit. My knees have stopped bending and I am walking bow -legged!

This training run takes me almost 5 hours! It had great highs and great lows......

.......... I have noticed that it's supposed to rain next Tuesday:(

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