Monday, May 12, 2014

Abu Dhabi Pieces Parts.

Tasted my first Twiglets.

Tasted by first Basil Seed drink.

It was fun to see all the labels in Arabic.  Their regular diet coke is called Coke Light.

These suckers were larger than a human head.  I should have had someone stand in the picture to show how enormous they were.

Got the giggles when I came across these chocolate bars.

 Too funny!



 This is what pedestrian crossing signs looks like.

Abu Dhabi has so many items from the UK.  My favourite chocolate is the Galaxy caramel.  To die for!!  I have saved a bag in the freezer for the "I need chocolate so bad I could kill for it" moods.

Monster Munch pickled onion rocks my world.  I ran out of the 12 little bags I brought home very quickly.

Gotta run.

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Johann said...

Love this! Here in SA we also have Coke Light.