Thursday, October 3, 2013

How Enduracool Works & 25% off Entire Purchase

Adam Honig at Mission sent me some items to test out....  I am so excited to share them with you.

I will start off with the Enduracool Cooling Towel:

You never have to get that, light headed, woozy feeling that running/ exercising in extreme heat can cause. It's super easy to activate.  I wish I knew about this product sooner..... could have used it at a few races.

*When wet, cools intently to 30 degrees below average body temperature (after you follow the 3 steps)
*Lightweight, with UPF 50 protection
*Chemical free, and reusable

Enduracool Intant Cooling Sleeves:

Arm sleeves that keep your arms cool and provide protection from the sun..... can't ask for more!  They are super lightweight.  Don't know if I was imagining it, but they felt cool when I first put them on.  I loved the fit (one size fits most - super stretchy) and they come in different colours.  They have pockets on each sleeve for keys, or gels, etc....

Enduracool Skull Cap:

The skull cap provides UPF 50 Protection from the sun.  If your head is cool, your body feels cool!  It also wicks away the moisture from your head.  Can be worn alone or under a hat/ visor.

All the products can be used over and over.  Even better.... they go into the washer and dryer.  No worries!

I am so excited because I just got a message from Adam and he is going to give the readers of The Journey is the Reward a 25% discount on your entire order. This offer expires October 31, 2013).

USE CODE: Ultraprincess25 to get your discount. TELL YOUR FRIENDS!

Keep checking in because I will be hosting a Giveaway from Mission.  Two lucky people will be the recipients of an Enduracool prize pack valued at $50!

You Gotta check out their website!

***these items were sent to me Gratis to try out and review.  These opinions are my own!  If You'd like me to review a product please email me at***

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northernbliss said...

Would make good gifts for Jodie in Abu Dhabi if she does any races or even just for walking around.
Looks like neat products.