Friday, May 24, 2013

Sam I am.

Hi, my name is Sam. I used to be called 'Oreo'. I like my new name because my mum and dad gave it to me. Mum says that I am not a cookie.

I can almost spin my head all the way around! I am practicing in the picture above.

I got to go to the cottage for the first time. I love it there. Mum and dad let me run around without my leash. I was far away from cars is why they told me that I could do that.

That made me happy.

I got to meet Grandma Janet and Grampa for the first time.

I am playing with Gramma Janet here...... She looks like a burglar trying to steal my stick; but she's not. She was cutting down trees, getting dirty, and working hard with Grampa.

Look what they did in 2 days!

Mum says I sometimes look like a wolf...... Here is my scary wolf impression. Grrrrrrrr. Ha ha

This is what I look like normally.

I am guarding the bushes.

I am always on guard. I get scared a lot and I bark at things. Dad was riding around on his 4 wheeler. I went up it and mum said I was good for not barking.

Mum says I need to build up my confidence. I wonder if Dale Carnagie has dog classes?

This is the colony road. A whole bunch of years ago a lot of people lived here. They are gone and so are the houses and buildings. Only 4 wheelers drive on it now.

Our vacation time was done so we had to go back home. I said that I could drive but mum said no way.

On our way home dad spotted a moose. It was a baby one.

He just stared at us and kept looking over to the trees. We think he was looking for his mum...... I think he was a little bit scared, but he didn't bark so his mum will tell him he was good.

See ya,
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