Saturday, April 13, 2013

Even more Seattle....

On the Saturday we visited the Space Needle.

It was very high up...... Not as bad as the arch in St. Louis....... maybe I'm getting better with heights?!

Awwwww; cute couple!

My favorite part of the trip was Chihuly Gardens.

The glass sculptures are magnificent.

Some are so large that I don't understand how they don't break from their own weight.

The inside gallery was impressive. The ceilings and walls were black and many of the installations were set upon a mirrored surface.

The installation below covered about 20 feet.

I guess they don't get hail in Seattle? There is no way these would survive in my garden!

Below is taken from inside a massive glass bowl. I think it looks like a pic of a solar system.

In the gift shop, a bowl that was half the size was selling for $7000 USD. OMG!!!

We sat on this outdoor patio a couple of times. The weather was unusually sunny for Seattle. It felt so nice to sit on a patio by the water.

On Sunday, we went to China Town..... There was nothing there to speak of. Anything that looked interesting was closed for Easter Sunday.

We got to see the stadium.

Some creepy graffiti.

Did the underground tour. I preferred the informational session more than the tour itself. It felt like a dingy basement.

One building has tons of these around the perimeter.

Neat wall covering in a random shop.

Every city needs a giant Popsicle!

We even got to see a homeless guy shooting up on the street. He was injecting some substance into a vein in his foot. David advised him that it was bad for him. Told him that he shouldn't be doing it. Yipes!

David can strike up a conversation with anyone.

Found this breath spray in a shop. Love it..... Although they seem to have forgotten the donut!

I had a great time with Jodie and Dave!!! I've got to start saving up for a trip to Abu Dhabi.

Jodie may be able to come and visit one last time before she moves away....... Fingers crossed!!

Gotta run.


Anonymous said...

You have good taste. Marissa Mayer also happens to be a fan of Chihuly. She reportedly spent several million USD on this ceiling.

Check it out

Anonymous said...

Unknown said...

Looks like a great trip.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Our conservatory has some of those glass sculptures, so amazing

Unknown said...

Thanks Anonymous..... that installation that Marissa has resembles an exhibit in the Chihuly museum. Fricken' expensive........ She can afford it!

Unknown said...

Had a wonderful time Art!

Eddie said...

I love the Space Needle even though I am afraid of heights. But the surrounding scenery is awesome. :) Therefore, I cannot miss it.


Unknown said...

Thanks for commenting Eddie! It's definitely a 'Must See'.