Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I'd like to Introduce you.....

..... To Sam.

Andrew and I went to the Humane Society and saw this guy (formerly named Oreo).

We took him for a walk..... The next thing you know, I was filling out adoption paperwork.

He's been with us now for just over 2 weeks. We are technically fostering him because he hasn't been neutered yet (scheduled for next Thursday). Once that happens we can adopt him outright.

He was taken away from his previous home........ we weren't given any reason(s) why. He is afraid of a lot of things but I believe that he was loved.

He loves people, and other dogs. He is the first Furbaby we've had that doesn't have issues with other dogs. I've got to train myself not to get so freaked out when other dogs are around.

There he is at the front. He tried to "dominate" that huge German Shepherd. He's lucky he is quick!!!

We are hoping that once he's fixed the urge to mount other dogs will go away!

Oh, and the marking territory can go also.... But not as likely.

Sam is approximately 2 years old. He is a border collie mix. If you know anything about dogs, border collies are super smart and have super huge amounts of energy. If you can't satisfy their need for mental and physical exercise...... They will destroy your house.

We are fortunate because he's with us 24/7 (we can even take him to work).

He is going to be a good running companion..... Even though he needs a lot of some training, he is a really good runner.

I took him for a 5 mile run and he didn't slow down one bit (but I'm not fast so that's not really saying anything.... Tee hee).

He starts obedience training next Tuesday.
BTW....... I'm totally crushing on Cesar Millan. He's amazing with dogs! We've watched a couple dozen videos, and now we pretend like we have a clue..... Lol

He is so different from Sadie..... she certainly spoiled us by being a perfect dog.

Having brought Sam into our 'pack' has not taken away my sadness over losing Sadie (Although I had secretly hoped it would help).

It can take several months for a 'rescue' to feel comfortable in a new environment. It will be nice to get to know the real him.

We're pretty certain that he will be a big sweetheart; With lots of challenging issues!

That's all for now..........

Gotta run.
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