Saturday, January 12, 2013

Random things.......

In December, I volunteered as a packet pick up station gal.  I checked people's name off, handed out t-shirts and race bibs for a local Santa 5K Fun Run.  

It was truly a 'FunRun' because there was going to be no chip timing.  Thought it was a bit odd...... couldn't understand why race bibs were being handed out  (proof of paid entry fee perhaps?!).

We have been getting a lot of snow at our Priceville cottage.  It's a winter wonderland.  We are thinking about finding some second hand snow shoes so we can hike the nearby trails.  Anyone ever snowshoed before?  Did you enjoy it?  What is a good price for them?

It's soooo peaceful on our property, yet sad, as I can still see Sadie running around in the forest.

Coping with the loss of my Sadie Bug is still a struggle.  

I had mustered up the strength to donate most of Sadie's things to a Xmas food drive for fostered or orphaned dogs and cats.  I am glad that Sadie's things will bring joy and comfort to animals in need.

A couple weeks back, Andrew and I were on our way to Priceville for the weekend. I decided that I was was ready to pick up Sadie's remains at the emergency vet.  While there, I asked the receptionist where she thought Sadie's food donation would be of most needed (had picked up the last 7 cases of her food that I had stored in my mom's garage).  

She said the Humane Society....... and off we went.  

Even though it was a very emotional time for us, we decided to go in and see the dogs that were waiting for their Forever Home people.

Andrew, fell for Tucker.....

I fell for the sad, dysfunctional, behavioural-issued cutie below.

A week later we went back to visit Tucker.  He had stayed in our thoughts so we figured that we may be ready to rescue him.  For a multitude of reasons that I won't begin to talk about, we decided to hold off.

Looking back, I am really glad that we didn't......... I am not ready.  It wouldn't have been fair to him, or to us.  I hope his Forever People find him soon.

Today is going to be an exceptionally warm winter day, so I am going to get out and enjoy it (14 degrees C or 57.2 F  depending where you're from). 

I hope you have a great weekend!

Gotta run.

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