Saturday, October 13, 2012

Vulture Bait Trail Race 2012 - Volunteer report.

Checked in at the Volunteer Area and got my direction sheet and this fabulous bag of swag.

Lined hat, reflective leg band, Post-it pad, turtle led light, gum, candy, gel, Columbia discount pass, and a headlamp (Holy crap!).

As a volunteer, being in the center of the 'pre-race buzz' was a different experience.

I didn't feel left out as I sometimes do when I'm there to support a racer...... Didn't have that "I want/ need to be racing" urge.

As luck would have it, I ran into Les and Julie on my way out to the truck (had to drive to the aid station).

We chatted a bit and tried to catch up (as much as you can in 10 minutes).

When I arrived nothing was set up. Andrew (other volunteer) and I set the table up and got ourselves organized.

Soon after, a race organizer showed up with a tent.

Thank goodness for that...... Because it rained...... I'm cursed I tell ya!

Pictured above is Andrew and Charlotte (she showed up in time to help us with the tent).

I was very cold..... Julie was not ;)

Isn't her tank cute?!

This is Howie. He's a super fun guy that I've met at a couple of races.

When Julie came around the second time she was totally rocking it!

Great job Julie. Woot, woot!!

Before I forget...... I have to say that ALL the runners were totally AWESOME!!!!!

Thanks for being so great.

A shout out to Darek: even though you were in pain, I hope you were able to enjoy the race! Heal quickly :)

Gotta run.

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