Saturday, October 13, 2012

Vulture Bait Trail Race 2012 - Volunteer report.

Checked in at the Volunteer Area and got my direction sheet and this fabulous bag of swag.

Lined hat, reflective leg band, Post-it pad, turtle led light, gum, candy, gel, Columbia discount pass, and a headlamp (Holy crap!).

As a volunteer, being in the center of the 'pre-race buzz' was a different experience.

I didn't feel left out as I sometimes do when I'm there to support a racer...... Didn't have that "I want/ need to be racing" urge.

As luck would have it, I ran into Les and Julie on my way out to the truck (had to drive to the aid station).

We chatted a bit and tried to catch up (as much as you can in 10 minutes).

When I arrived nothing was set up. Andrew (other volunteer) and I set the table up and got ourselves organized.

Soon after, a race organizer showed up with a tent.

Thank goodness for that...... Because it rained...... I'm cursed I tell ya!

Pictured above is Andrew and Charlotte (she showed up in time to help us with the tent).

I was very cold..... Julie was not ;)

Isn't her tank cute?!

This is Howie. He's a super fun guy that I've met at a couple of races.

When Julie came around the second time she was totally rocking it!

Great job Julie. Woot, woot!!

Before I forget...... I have to say that ALL the runners were totally AWESOME!!!!!

Thanks for being so great.

A shout out to Darek: even though you were in pain, I hope you were able to enjoy the race! Heal quickly :)

Gotta run.


TR said...

that's fantastic!

I'm looking to volunteer in a race pretty soon :)

Unknown said...

You'll have a great time!!!

Darek said...
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Darek said...

Thanks Stacey for your help at the aid station. It was pleasure exchange a few words. Legs will heal as spirit is not broken.Hope to see you on the Ontario trails.


juli said...

Thanks Stacey! It was nice to catch up for a bit and I love looking forward to seeing someone I know at an aid station. They really did have great goodie bags! Thanks for taking the photos too!

The Green Girl said...

Awesome swag for volunteering!

Tink said...

So cool that they gave you a goodie bag for volunteering!

Shannon @I Survived and Now I Run said...

What a different experience to volunteer at a race instead of run it! Great job! Guess what? You have been nominated by me for the Liebster Blog award! Come on by and see what to do next!

Unknown said...

That's for sure!!!!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the nomination Shannon!

gene said...

I love volunteering at Races! Nice swag btw!