Saturday, September 29, 2012

Last weekend...

We got our new trailer last week (traded ours in for a smaller, yet better laid out one).

Our very first night in it we stayed at a friend's place. Fortunately, he lives in a farmhouse and has lots of room for us to park :)

Trish and her littlest one.

She's got 3 children...... Don't know how she does it?!

The next couple of nights were spent in the Elora Gorge Conservation Area.

Can't wait to go tubing there in the summer!

Have you ever been tubing before? Any tips or advice you can share?

Gotta run.


BabyWilt said...

You've got to love all that space :-)
ps loving the Hammer gels by the way, using them this weekend in my half tomorrow.

Unknown said...

Glad you like the gels. Have a great race tomorrow!!!!

Anonymous said...

Tubing is lots of fun, especially at Elora Gorge. Make sure you are wearing old runners or water shoes. Most important the water level is up; to avoid any damage to your bottom end.

Unknown said...

Tee hee..... I'll make sure to double check water levels!!!

Thanks for the shoe advice :-)

JP said...

Tubing is one of my favorite lazy summer activities. Don't forget the water shoes and put your drinks in a mesh sling and tie it to the tube to keep things cold. And good ziplock bags are a must for keeping things dry. (I generally take my open water swim float for that.) And don't forget the sunscreen! Lots and lots of sunscreen!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the tips JP :D

Vaudiophile said...

I don't tube, but my wife does at times, and I'm guessing her only pieces of advice would be "sunscreen" and "Blue Moon"

Unknown said...

I'm not a beer gal myself, but my husband will love the suggestion!!