Friday, July 27, 2012

3 + 1 Sisters.

Janet's sister Joanne made a grand entrance Sunday evening on her new 4 wheeler!

Janet's other Sister Sue, arrived on Monday..... She was inside her vehicle ;-)

I was made an honorary 'Scott' sister for a day.

We went 4 wheeling. While the other sisters fished, I sat and enjoyed the peaceful surroundings.

We also enjoyed some adult beverages that "Mixologist Sister Sue" prepared.

Beautiful day.

See the rocks in the middle...... Where I sat.

Then we got to the "Jaccuzi"..... (small but powerful waterfall).

We slathered our selves with mud that we scraped out of a small pool of water. It was a grey clay of sorts.

We let the clay dry before we rinsed of in the rushing water Jacuzzi. (L to R - Sister Sue, Joanne, and Janet).

Gotta enjoy being a "Scott Sister" for a day.


northernbliss said...

You were a welcome addition to the "Sisters" and we enjoyed your company. We did have fun!!
Same time next year...

gene said...

Sounds like a wonderful day at the nature "spa"! Great pics!

Unknown said...

'Nature Spas" rock! The price is especially good :D

Unknown said...

I'll try and book it off!

Char said...

Sounds like a fun weekend.