Monday, May 14, 2012

Sports Nutrition

I've always used Hammer Endurolytes for my electrolyte needs.

It's always been a real pain to get.

For what ever reason, I can never seem to find it anywhere in Canada....... I usually have a bicycle shop order me some.

I recently discovered that I can order them online and have them shipped to my home.

I got adventurous and decided to try some Hammer gels (I'm normally a Gu, Clif Shot, and Carboom gal).

I love the Hammer chocolate...... It's so good, you could drizzle it over ice cream. I was even surprised to find that I didn't hate the banana.

Do you try new sorts of nutrition? What are your staples?

Gotta run.


BabyWilt said...

mmmm I've never heard of these before. Ordering on your recommendation as I've found single servings on Amazon :-)

Unknown said...

I hope you like them as much as I do!

Derek said...

I've been using the Stinger waffles before some runs, they are really good and could even be eaten just as a snack. I'm not much on gels but will usually just have one or two during a marathon, brand doesn't matter much to me.

Unknown said...

I haven't tried the Stinger Waffles....... I shouldl try them out!

William said...

I've always used Gu, mainly tri berry or chocolate outrage. I am planning on trying some different ones like Hammer in the build up to my next race. I know some options do have a more branched/longer chain maltodextrose or other sugar combinations, which can result in a more efficient sugar source for a longer period of time. I'll let you know what I find.

Unknown said...

Thanks William. It's always good to hear about what others are using in terms of nutrition. I find that my needs change slightly from year to year.