Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My very first ATV

Picked this up on Monday. Isn't she pretty?

I drove one once about 10 years ago..... I was too nervous to enjoy it.

For what ever reason, I seem to be pretty darn comfortable on one this time around. I've been out twice and have experienced some technical terrain.

After buying the ATVs we had fries. Nothing better than chip stand fries!!!!!

Some things we saw on our ATV trip yesterday. A beaver hut (above).

Yanet adjusting her camera for a photo.

I'm one footprint closer to seeing a moose.

We stopped here to enjoy the scenery (brought some driftwood back with us).

An old Copper Mine. Was fun to check out...... not stable enough to go inside, so we just peeked in at the entrance.

This fish was eaten with skill...... Every bone is still in tact. Wonder what ate it? Any ideas?

Gotta love exploring with the 4 wheelers.
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