Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Thanks to 'Anonymous' for the suggestion.

We went to the Ragged Falls Oxtongue River Trail, and as 
promised, I wasn't disappointed.

Andrew realized that we had been here on our Honeymoon....... almost 16 years ago.

We got to the top of the falls and saw that the water was moving super fast.  Great time of year to go.

If that  first video didn't impress you...... take a look at this.

Raw energy and power. 
I was afraid of falling in (Like in a bad dream, I felt as though I could have been sucked in at any moment).  Don't think I could have survived that.

After the falls we headed to Oxtongue Rapids Trail

Walked up this muddy trail a fair bit before realizing it wan't the Rapids Trail.
You've you've gotta be a serious kayaker/ canoeist to take this on.

Leaned over and put my hand in.........

........  and I didn't feel like I was going to get 

sucked in and die.

Mother nature at her best.

Like a pot of boiling water (except..... it was 


iPhone photos aren't to shabby.
We got to take a trip down memory lane and got to connect with nature.  Can't beat that.

Gotta run.

p.s  I finally switched to the new Blogger editor, but I still gotta figure everything out, so please bear with the odd fonts, wonky spacing, and varying colours for awhile.


Big Daddy Diesel said...

I love waterfalls and rivers

northernbliss said...

Looks like a great spot to fish!!!
Maybe in the warmer weather...

KovasP said...

Looks great and how awesome to return 16 years later!

XLMIC said...

So so so beautiful!!!!

Unknown said...

If any of you are ever in the neighbourhood..... check it out.