Thursday, March 1, 2012

Our Friends arrive.....

Around noon, the Sunday before last, Matthew and Dr. Ana showed up in this.

Totally awesome!

After we had some lunch and a little relaxation time, we went to a scenic lookout (shown above... using 360Panorama for the iPhone... click on it for a better view).

Then we were off to the Hot springs.

These were massive.

The hot springs, as we came to find it, was somewhat unappealing.......... human soup. Blech. Check out 'plumber butt' on the left.

After the springs, we headed to a canyon. Can you believe that Mexico actually starts in the middle of this river?!

We made our way into the canyon.

There was so much greenery in the area, it seemed so out of place for a dessert (pictured is Dr. Ana).

This park just kept getting better and better.

Below is Matthew..... snapping a photograph from an awesome vantage point.

Great day.

Gotta run.


northernbliss said...

Your picture are just beautiful - say hi to your guests.

financecupcake said...

WOW! What a neat adventure! I showed my little Ramsey the pictures, and he said he wants to go there. :)

JP said...

Beautiful pics!