Saturday, March 10, 2012

Day 5

Doesn't look like this occurs naturally........

...... But it does, and I'll be talking more about it on the post of the 7th day of the trip.

Day 5 was especially fun because Matthew drove us around in the motorhome (Sadie came too!)

Our first stop was this scenic lookout...... you can see the Mule Ears Peaks in the distance.

Then we were off to the Santa Elena Canyon.

We were advised that the canyon was much more spectacular to see when the sun was shining overhead.......
...... but, no one knew for certain when that time was.

We went around 1pm and the canyon was still shaded.

We liked the shade. Would have been a zillion degrees (that's hot!) with the sun beating down on us.

There were a lot of artists set up along the Rio Grande River. Beautiful spot for painting.

Gotta run.

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Lindsay said...

That's gorgeous!! Would make an awesome countertop - love the colors.