Friday, February 17, 2012

Guataloupe River State Park

We stayed here for a few days.......

The sites were very nice but the park is in a dessert.

The trails were made of dirt, rocks, and cacti.

Sadie says: "had to be on a leash cause Mum thought I would run into a cactus. It was hot. When I am hot I stick my tongue out. Look how pink it is."

I went to the river on the last day.

Wished I had gone sooner.

Was incredible.

The root systems are amazing.

This tree had the coolest base.

Here it is up close.

Guess I wouldn't have seen so much if the water was higher.

I did see a rattle snake sunning on the road when I was on a run. Cool!

Gotta run.

I'm going to be in Big Bend National Park for the next week. There is no phone or cell service. Not sure when I will be able to post again.
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