Monday, January 2, 2012

Tired but excited.

Hope everyone had themselves a wonderful New Years Eve!

I was so tired. Andrew had to poke me every few minutes until the the big ball in NY touched down in times square........... Lucky for me, New York is an hour behind Texas ;-p

I'm a party animal.

Something totally unrelated........

Love it.

Anyways, we (finally) made it to Steven Austin State Park yesterday. Sadie is very happy to lay down and enjoy the fresh air. The trip knocked her on her butt (me too!!!).

Today, I am flying to Vegas to see my sister and gal pal Al.......

....... Left Houston, Texas on one of the smallest planes I've ever been in.

I got to sit alone........ Bonus!!!!!!

I'm currently sitting at a restaurant, killing time before my next flight. Can't wait to sleep on the plane.

Looking forward to a fun adventure with the girls.

Gotta run.-

Location:E Northwest Hwy,Irving,United States

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