Sunday, December 11, 2011


Indianapolis, Indiana.

We visited the much acclaimed Slippery Noodle Inn. Thursday is half-off drink night.......... Good night to go :-D

We also spent an afternoon at the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

This installation was ingenious.......

Could see it used in a home application.

Hmmmmmm..... Shower floor or surround perhaps?

A quick, but fun visit. Wish we had more time to explore.

Gotta run.


Char said...

That's a great piece of art. Not sure about using it in the shower though - it might feel that there were too many eyes looking where they shouldn't.

Unknown said...

It's really a great journey.
I hope, someday I can go there.

Lisa said...

So many places to visit, so little time!

Love the 'hands' piece :)

Unknown said...

I absolutely agree with Lisa that many place to visit, but there's not time enough to do it. without that, we need money.