Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Washington DC

After reading reviews on the Spy Museum, we opted to go to the American Art Museum on Monday.

A few pieces caught my eye.

The artist's creation of himself.

Very powerful.

Very realistic.

Monday we took a bus tour.

Ever since watching School House Rock as a child, I wanted to sit on the steps of Capitol Hill.

I wanted to stand in front of the reflecting pool and see the Washington Monument.

But it was under reconstruction. Boo :(

Couldn't get close to the White House. Took this pic from behind an iron fence.

Dorothy's ruby slippers were on display at the American History Museum.

As were the Muppets.

Julia Child's kitchen.

And George Washington.

I do not recommend that you go to this museum. 10% of the exhibits were closed, another 10% had items that had been removed, another 5% of the hands-on exhibits didn't function properly (if at all)............ I could go on and on.

This is the Ford Theatre where President Lincoln was shot.

He died in this house.......

......... In this bed.

We went to a few other places and drove by some monuments.

Our trailer parked at Cherry Hill park in Maryland.

Today we headed off to Georgia...... In the rain.

That's all for now.

Gotta run.


That Pink Girl said...

I love that you wanted to sit on the steps of Capitol Hill...all because of Schoolhouse Rock!
I was there last year and we went through 2 of the museums. There is so much to see, it's overwhelming! I'll be back next weekend - your photos have me excited to go!

Fruit Fly said...

What an awesome stop!! Muppets, ruby slippers... .cool!!