Saturday, October 1, 2011

I've received an award!!!!

I got my first Pukie Award. I am not a triathlete..... but I was fortunate enough to receive the award for vomiting at Run Woodstock.

Check out Big Daddy Diesel's Blog where you can read about BARF and all sorts of interesting things.

Here are some pictures from the Run Woodstock Facebook site..... ...
....... a lot of the rain had been absorbed by sunrise so it was much easier to navigate through.

There wasn't a dry shoe anywhere!!!!!

You had 2 choices........ go through the thorny bushes or the teeny puddle.

This must have been from one of the Saturday race starts.......... 'cause no one that had been out all night would be that smiley.

Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend.

Gotta run.
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