Thursday, September 1, 2011

Good News

As you may or may not know........ I have been having issues with breathing and having asthma attacks during long runs.

Note: I suffered with asthmatic bronchitis throughout my childhood so I am aware of the difference of being out of breath and having an attack.

Went for testing yesterday and my Doc said that I had the lungs of an olympic athlete. Phew!!!

Said that the attacks could be attributed to the combination of extreme heat and humidity. Prescribed me an inhaler in case I have any more issues.

Have you had breathing issues due to the heat?

Gotta run.


Lisa said...

I've been lucky, but boy, that must be hard to live with....especially for an athlete!

Glad you got the AOK from the doctor, so you can "breathe" easier (no pun intended)


Lindsay said...

good news! i hope you don't have any more 'attacks'. i have exercise-induced asthma (EIA) so i kinda know how you feel.

Unknown said...

I couldn't imagine having EIA..... that must suck Lindsay :(