Thursday, September 8, 2011

1 day left!!!!!

I am here at Hell Creek Ranch....... been here since Tuesday evening....... been raining since Wednesday.

Check out the fantastic forecast.

Yippee!!!!!!! (Too bad there isn't a sarcasm font)

On a more positive note..............

That tent marks the race start/ aid station area (photo taken from under our awning).

I am not generally a stat person. I didn't use my Garmin or track my pace during my training this time around. Race day is going to be a different story. I want all the stats I can get. I will have my Garmin, fitbit, iPhone and the HUGE strappy thing will case a video camera that I will wear to film the course....... Perks of being married to a Gadget Guru.

I have a million things to do..............
Gotta run.

p.s. For those who have inquired, is where you can track me during the race. If anything changes I'll post it. My race starts at 4pm(EST) Friday September 9th.
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