Friday, July 8, 2011

Vertical Challenge Race report..... Coles Notes version.

I made it to the race and saw Gailanne. Soooooo awesome.

Was very hot and very humid by the end of the first loop (2 loop course). I was starting to overheat.

Got dizzy and felt nauseous..... Had decided to drop but after catching up with Gailanne I pressed on.

Went through several more dizzy/ nauseous spells......

Had what I figured to be an asthma attack (have experienced breathing difficulties on 2 long, hot runs this season... WTF?).

With about 5k to go I started having another 'attack' which lasted the rest of the race..... Couldn't catch my breath.

Kept moving towards Gailanne's reassuring voice. She kept me going when I wanted to lay down and die quit. She stuck by me the entire time and I am so appreciative. I hope that one day I can return the favor. Thank you Gailanne :-)

I crossed the finish line in 7 hours and 35 minutes.... barely making the 8 hour cut off!

The vertical challenge was just that... challenging. I covered 50 kilometers and 1750 meters of vertical ascent (5741.46 Feet).

'That which doesn't kill you only makes you stronger' (that seems to be an ongoing mantra this year).

Will (eventually) post some photos.

How do you handle racing/ training in the heat?

Gotta run.

Location:Wonderland Rd N,London,Canada


XLMIC said...

OMGosh! that sounds so incredibly arduous! My hat is off to YOU! Just awesome.

I learned last week that heat is not my friend, but that I must embrace it and make it my friend :P I am going to start running with water... yeah, kind of important, right?

Unknown said...

Water is very important..... I drank over 6 liters of water during the race yet I still became dehydrated.

Sandy said...

Congratulations!!! It's sounds like it was a tough race but great job on sticking with it and making it to the end. You are amazing!!!

William said...

Nice Job! It's amazing how much water I drink when it's above 90. I have to take an s-cap at least every hour in my longer efforts.

Vaudiophile said...

Yikes! Good job finishing that round of punishment.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Wow, congrats!! Super impressive!

Neon Blonde Runner said...

amazing accomplishment, so proud of you!

sounds like a super tough race.

Lucinda said...

When I was in hiking training, I had an episode and someone offered me Gatorade which turned out to me a lifesaver. I had a similar thing earlier this week riding my horse and wish I'd had gatorade with me. Guess I'll have to keep a couple at the barn, just in case. I generally hate the stuff, but it works.

chris mcpeake said...

Congrats on the finish.
Welcome to the land of heat exhaustion a place that I have become much to familiar with in recent months.
Not much you can do about it (except maybe some sauna training or move to California)