Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I totally love my Salomon recovery shoes. They are very comfortable and very unique looking. Get compliments every time I wear them.

A running store lead me to believe that the Salomon XA 20W back pack was to be used for running.......

I totally disagree.

It's carrying capacity too large and my hydration pack flopped all over the place when I used it for an 18 miler.... Had to readjust straps several times and still ended up with lots of chaffing. I will use it for hiking.

Love the new Cliff formula......... Hate that they put a nutritional information sticker over top the same nutritional information already on the package. WTF?

I have to remove the stickers because I get the heebie jeebies when my mouth touches the papery sticker. That's a bummer.

Do you ever question why a product is the way it is?

Gotta run.
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