Monday, June 6, 2011

25 miler..... Full sun and heat, But the hills were small!

This heat is killing me..... And its not even summer yet.

Saw this deer checking me out.... Yes, that brown spec in the middle of the field is a deer. Sue me...... The iPhone's zooming capabilities are substandard.

Purchased water at mile 11......
Seven miles later I ran out. Egats!

Took refuge in a supermarket after having gone three miles without water. Had a pee (if you could call it that), washed my hands and face, then purchased some H2O before sitting my arse down and filling up my pack.

My break was too long..... Everything seized up..... Looked (and felt) like I was running on razor blades for about a mile.

Noticed these......BBQ rib tasting chips. Huh?

What is the strangest chip flavor that you've seen or tasted?

Gotta run.
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