Thursday, May 26, 2011

Google Maps Street View... is it in your area yet?

My Dad and Yanet live way up north. I just found out today that their neck of the woods is finally on Google Maps Street view.

That person in the driveway on the 4 wheeler..... My dad.

Fun =D

My sister's fiance's mom (his aunt also) is pictured in front of her home in England & several previous co-workers are pictured outside Caesars Windsor.

Are you, or do you, know of anyone that is pictured in Google's street view? Do you think it's creepy?

Gotta realize that Big Brother is watching.



Patrick Mahoney said...

I saw the truck go by near my house once while on a ride and I flipped it the bird. Hasn't shown up yet, though.

XLMIC said...

They took a pic of our old house with our jerk-neighbor's truck parked in OUR driveway... and the nasty note I wrote is tucked under the wiper!

I took pics of the picture-taking vehicle just the other day... it is kind of creepy.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Thats cool

Unknown said...

Patrick... let me know if it shows up!!

XLMIC..... That is funny.

It would be a cool job to travel all over the world.