Thursday, March 24, 2011

Is it socially acceptable to fart in front of other people?

Maybe, if you're an extreme sport participant. . . . . . . . .

Written by Angel Garbarino

"At the end of February I raced in the annual BAAR BRAWL. The event, which this year ran from midnight to 5pm, is more of a training event rather than a race. It is in the middle of the winter, only two teams in its history have cleared it, and it is not sanctioned. People use passports, but nobody ever collects them, and the race organizers remain anonymous.

As an unconventional event, I represented the "skirt" racing alongside six dudes. As one team member put it "You're the spice in the sausage soup". I was aware of this before, but maybe it became more potently apparent among the presence of nearly double the dude factor, but adventure racing leaves no room for personal barriers or social norms."

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In training or race situations, is it acceptable to fart, pee, and perform various acts that you wouldn't normally do in front of another person? Have you done it? Have you experienced someone else doing it? Thoughts?

I know that I get grossed out when people Hork, gob a loobie, spit snot/ phlgem out of their mouth, what ever the heck you wanna call it. . . . . . . . Gross me out

But farts are funny :-)

Gotta run.
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