Thursday, February 10, 2011

Stayed the night in Windsor...

We got in quite late so we made arrangements to stay at Caesars Windsor.

Excellent people at valet and bell services. Reception wasn't anything spectacular... Nor was the room service order taker or delivery person.

The view was terrific.

I had the opportunity to go through the Casino this afternoon. I experienced a million emotions. It was a bit overwhelming.... When you work for a company for over 14 years... it sort of becomes part of you.

I had lunch and was under-whelmed.

During my short stay, many of my dealings with staff involved the words "I am not allowed to do that". I do remember lots and lots of rules. Never thought about how they were perceived by customers until now.

I ran into a security officer that I had worked with. Many things have changed and many things have stayed the same.

When it came time to leave, the valet and bell people were fantastic. They are the saving grace of this hotel.

It was fun to have had the opportunity to come back as a customer.

Gotta drive home now.

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KovasP said...

So strange to return on the other side to a previous job.

northernbliss said...

It always looks different after you haven't worked there for a while. Did you take BaBa home with you?

Unknown said...

Very strange to return Kovas :)

I didn't bring BaBa home Yanet... Too much luggage and stuff. Got my Restoration Hardware order!! Woo hoo