Sunday, January 30, 2011

Training for a 100 miler

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  1. Pacing is critical! Especially the first few hours. Go out very conservative. Create a plan whereas you forget about laps (but not forgetting to ack your counter). Try a run/walk strategy such as 20 minutes of running followed by 10 minutes of walking. Continue this pattern for each half hour for as long as you possibly can.
  2. Obviously, eat and drink while walking. Have your food and drink prepared in bottles and baggies. Label them by the hour. This saves valuable time as you do not want to be searching for something. When you come by just swoop down with your hand and picking up the item and precede. If you have a handler - great, but give them a detailed set of instructions.
  3. Aim for 50 percent of your calories from liquid. 50% from solids. Maintain a fairly routine breakdown of 70% carbo, 20% protein and 10% fat. BCCA (Branch Chain Amino Acid) supplements work well, especially at night (Muscularity, Amino Fuel by Twin Labs).
  4. Easy on the turns. Will they reverse direction every few hours? Hopefully they will, otherwise you may have some joint or foot problems.
  5. Speaking of feet. Stay as blister free, as possible. Quality socks (Ultimax), properly fitted shoes and dry feet goes along way. Vaseline works for some, duct tape on the ball of the foot or nylon socks are other suggestions. It is recommended you experiment first with each of these items.
  6. Don't stop (unless it is to use the bathroom or change socks/shoes). Create a set of goals, that you must keep repeating to yourself. Justify this madness that you are putting yourself through. If you have a friend or crew there - brief them on what you'll need to hear to motivate yourself.
  7. Bring everything you can think of. You are only a very short distance from your bag, so take advantage of it and organize the hell out of your bags and food/drink box.
  8. Partner with your fellow competitors. Bond with them and help each other out when the rough periods arrive.
Have you ran 100 miles?  What are your suggestions?  What works for you?

Gotta run.


northernbliss said...

I am still trying to wrap my head around you running 100 miles - but it is on my calendar and I will be among your entourage. Your wish will be my command...

Unknown said...

Thanks Yanet!!!!