Thursday, January 27, 2011

New shoes.... Errr.... A shoe rescue mission!

I was out this morning running some errands when I walked past Runners Choice (local running store).

My recent research on natural running FORCED me into the store to see if they carried Newton running shoes. As luck would have it, they did.

I tried these bad boys on, and took them for a test drive on the treadmill located in the store. I tripped within the first four seconds.  Lol       It did get easier after that.

These pair are the Terra Momentus = Momentum. They are considered Newton's off road trainer. They were recommended to me because the tread on the forefoot is a bit flatter than the regular ones.

Apparently, this should help with a better transition period for me (check out to find out more about the shoes).

So Andrew (for those who don't know, he's my husband).... Ummm..... Errr..... Uhhhh.... I'm not sure exactly what happened next..... I found myself walking down the street and realized that the shoes had jumped into my old lady bag stroller (I'll fill you in on that another time).

OMG... They must have really hated it at the store.... I couldn't make them go back! ;-)

Gotta learn to run again.

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