Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I am lucky!

Thank goodness that we have been packing the house in Amherstburg since Saturday.... no snow here!!!

If it were a choice to run in this snow or on the treadmill, I'd be putting on my Gortex runners.

What about you?  Snow or Treadmill?

Gotta run.


Neil Zee said...

Snow... Almost everytime. I hate wind in the winter tho. I draw the line on white out blizzard conditions.

Unknown said...

I hope you wear something on your tootsies Barefoot Neil! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Und wir haben nicht einmal bei der Höchsgeschwindigkeitsbegrenzun laufen!

Auf Wienerschnitzel!
Ann (from Germany)

PS: how funny! I met Barefoot Neil on a run in Calgary. Small Welt (that's world in German)

Unknown said...

Congrats on a great run Ann from Germany!!!

chris mcpeake said...

yeah london got it but good. ALmost no snow in TO at all.