Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Fitbit is not in my cards.

I was very fortunate that my Fitbit was able to hang on after I tried to drown it in my urine.

Today, as I was pulling clothes out of the dryer, I found my Fitbit attached to a pair of pants.........
I didn't get so lucky the second time around :-(

This week I managed a three mile elliptical, a three mile run, about three miles of walking, and some ab work. Not much, but better than nothing.

Friday night my mom and I went out to celebrate her 63rd (I think) birthday.

She ordered the lamb.

After diner we went to a pub.

We did a shot of tequila.

I've finally finished my Xmas cards and have made considerable progress in my gift wrapping. The next couple weeks will be focused on packing up my house and coordinating with a decorator to make some changes at the condo.

How is the holiday season treating you?

Gotta run.

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