Thursday, November 25, 2010

Trials and Tribulations....

I mentioned that I was going to test out my Fitbit and give an update on my findings.....  I haven't concluded my research yet as I have had 2 snafus of late.

Snafu #1.

Fitbit and docking/ charging station.

I downloaded and installed the Fitbit program onto my computer (was originally tracking my progress on Andrew's).  This software, along with the Fitbit being connected to the computer, caused my computer to crash and rendered it useless.  Lucky for me, Andrew is a pretty decent tech.   

Snafu #2

I had finished a workout @ the gym, got back to the apartment, and headed straight to the washroom. The water consumed during the workout ran right through me.

I took care of business, and as I was pulling up my shorts, the Fitbit dislodged and fell into the toilet bowl.  

Here is an illustration....sort of like what happened.... but it was a Fitbit and there was pee and toilet paper in the toilet.
I hesitated for a moment, plunged my hand into the pee water to retrieve my device, then used gobs of toilet paper to dry it off.  After washing my hands I used Qtips to get into any area that pee could have been trapped in.  Eeeeeew.

Fortunately, the Fitbit is very well sealed and only has a couple of metal sensors for charging.  I don't believe that there was any permanent damage.  Thank goodness!!!!!

Have you accidentally or purposely dropped anything into a toilet?  Let's hear your story....

Gotta run.
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