Thursday, November 11, 2010

Run- Hike-Walk

Today I set out on a 9 mile run.

I headed towards the mountains.

Found a trail up the mountain. A little further up there was a sign. It said do not go on trail unless you have a compass, map, etc... Then it started with loads of warnings..... Gulp..... I stopped reading and pretended like I didn't see the sign. Sometimes ignorance is bliss!!

The trail was technical at times.

Hundreds and hundreds of cacti.

Breathtaking views.

Loved this tree.

I saw a few butterflies and what I assumed was a chipmunk. No snakes or scorpions today... Yippee!

The path became very narrow. My fear of heights kicked in and I quickly turned back! (felt dizzy taking this photo)

Great day.

I noticed this tree on the resort property. It looks like it's got green skin. Neat!

I didn't make it to the pool today. I was really tired after my run/ hike..... So tired that I needed a nap :-)

Where did your last run take you?

Gotta shower and dress for dinner.

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