Sunday, November 7, 2010

Orlando ramblings....

Snapped a few photos from our patio.

Looks like a nice course..... But I've really got nothing to reference it with. I'm not a golfer.

Last night we went to a pool party.... Didn't stay long because it was really chilly!!!

YouTube Video

Instead, we sat inside and watched a jazz band.

Yesterday when we were lounging at the pool a plane started writing in the sky. That was really fun to watch...... Even more fun to guess what they were going to spell!

YouTube Video

I'm presently sitting at an Outback Steakhouse in the airport, sipping on my margarita, waiting for my plane to board.

Poo Poo! I think I've put on weight since being on holiday.... I've got two days to eat rabbit food and detox a bit..... we are heading to Tuscan, Arizona for another conference this Wednesday.

Would love to hear about your travels and vacations! Where are you planning to go? Where have you been? Business? Pleasure? Both?

Gotta run.

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